Please take note of the By-Laws to maintain pleasant shopping within Westmarket shopping center.

1. Help keep the mall clean. Litter, cigarette butts, chewing gum, etc. should be deposited in the designated litter boxes and ashtrays.
2. Various cameras and the security staff watch over the mall.
3. Dogs must be kept on a leash and supervised to ensure that they do not pollute anything.
4. Bicycles, mopeds and scooters must be parked in the designated areas.
5. Riding or carrying a bicycle, moped or scooter by hand is not allowed.
6. Motorized vehicles for the disabled must move at a walking pace.
7. Hanging around in and around the shopping center, parking facilities, hanging against store fronts and pillars is not allowed.
8. Roller skating, rollerblading, skateboarding, scootering, playing with balls and radio controlled cars is not allowed.
9. The consumption of alcohol is permitted only in the designated catering establishments.
10. It is not allowed to use or trade drugs.
11. The distribution of commercial and advertising matter, the sale of the Straatkrant, canvassing for subscriptions, conducting surveys, collecting, begging, playing music and performing, hawking, filming, photographing and/or making TV or radio recordings as well as putting up posters and/or other material is not permitted without prior written permission from the Management. Management reserves the right to refuse permission without giving reasons.
12. Obstructive gathering, obstructing and/or hindering shoppers, causing noise pollution and/or disrupting public order and safety in the broadest sense of the word is not permitted.
13. Instructions from the Management or Security must be followed at all times (including in the event of an emergency).
14. Persons who are requested by the Management or the Security Department to leave the shopping center must do so immediately, failing which criminal proceedings may be commenced on the basis of breach of local law/rule of law.
15. In the event of detection of vandalism, deliberate contamination, damage or misuse of the center’s facilities, (store) theft or violation of the house rules, access to the shopping center and parking lot may be denied. In the event of vandalism and/or damage, the damages will always be recovered from the perpetrator. All violations will be reported to the police.
16. Management is not liable for damage to and or theft of personal belongings and / or vehicles of visitors. These house rules are in force in shopping center Westmarket. In all cases where these house rules do not provide, the Management and/or Security will decide. The Management is entitled to change or supplement the house rules at all times.